Cartier Floating Tourbillon Love

For Cartier, the exploration for the complication watches never stops. Every piece of work is a brand-new white paper. Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Love, through the floating tourbillon, displays a different tourbillon before us. Through releasing hour, minute and second dial space, Cartier is able to display a whole, grand tourbillon. Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon love is fitted with a 9458 MC movement and exhibits the geometric designs and masculine in every possible way. The challenge not only come from the appearance, the case back design is a major difficulty, but designers successfully make it and enable the movement to work in such a tight space.

Since Pierre Cartier dug out the Faberge’s work, the engraving patterns become a classic program. Engraving patterns in metal, such as lines, and dot, and then getting rid of enamel, it requires many complicated process. Inspiration of Cartier come from various patterns: in the dial, in the frame, and in the small clock, there are radiation patterns in the center. In the office work, or pen , there are scales pattern. The floating Rotonde de Cartier Tourbillon Love appears to be a radiating from the center, and shapes beams of light. With the moving of the dial, the radiation patterns capture the reflecting light, and the builds such a shining effect.

Although the floating tourbillon is attractive, every details on Rontonde de Cartier Tourbillon Love reflects its spirit, and perfect it. Get riding of the number indexes, the simple but neat dial has more Cartier features: Rontonde de Cartier case, protruding sapphire crown, and a C-shaped that is applied on the second hand. in order to better display the geometric patterns on the dial, the whole center of the watch is inclined to left, and I think, may Cartier want to express such a symmetric way of beauty.

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