Cartier Ronde Folle Diamond Female Watch

Cartier Ronde Folle Diamond Female Watch features Cartier 690 quartz movement, 18 k white gold watch case, watch case and the central grille with round diamond, silver sunshine paint dial, Arabic numerals, rhodium sword form blue steel pointer, white canvas watch strap and 18K diamante Pin buckle, and waterproof of 30 meters.

It is characterized by dancing figure charming fashion. If the watch dial of this Cartier Ronde Folle Diamond Female Watch is the stage, the numbers are the most moving dancers, which are more charming than dot numbers, and more touching than line segments, at a moment it can pull away all the line of sight of people, just like the elves flashing in the spotlights and never stop and because of these clever, elegant figure scales, this Cartier watch also emitting a crafted charming breath.

This Cartier Ronde folle lets people feel the magic of digital light again It inherited the consistent style of Libre series, a large number of diamond are gathering in watch outer bezel and in the middle of the winding character “#” grille. Stylists make full use of the visual effect of curve combination, after a series of bending deformation, the large four Arabic numerals on the dial are bounded as the incantation, and commonly kept dancing on the diamante grille. In the name of “freedom” in a static dynamic, so fairy wonderland reality can see a few times? Cartier Ronde folle stepping along the way with dance steps, is known as the classic works in Libre series and it is also desirable.

D¨¦lices de Cartier
Besides, the D¨¦lices de Cartier is just like a delicious meal. It features the curve of exquisite, glittering and translucent color and luster, some reversal of the elliptical shape, which sends out attractive charm under the bright diamonds; Dial with round diamond ornament makes clever lines show the smile of time and presen a feminine ponder.

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