Rolex Charm in Sports – the Starting Point of The Yacht Club

Sailing competition in 2015 is scheduled for Sunday, August 16, the first warning signal for British summer time is 11:50. According to tradition, the Royal Yacht Squadron will be the starting gun ringing, it is one of the most respected international Yacht club, annals for its two hundred years in 2015.

In 1815, The Royal Yacht Squadron was born in the name of The Yacht Club, in 1833, another old sailing pioneers, King William IV renamed it as The Royal Yacht Squadron. On its inception, the club firmly upheld the low-key tradition, 42 of the initial members agreed to meet in London and Cowes twice a year, in the form of dinner to discuss sailing competition, members of the qualification is that they must have a ship of not less than 10 tons. It is affected by the spirit of infection of the leading personages in the early days, the birth of the new club even without a permanent club, still quickly become the focus of the sailing enthusiasts.

French father-son Pascal & Alexis Loison decisively proved the point that many small boats and amateur competitors came to take participate in the Rolex Fastnet Race because of the attraction of the legendary history of the yacht race, not because they came here for fun. The crew seize the opportunity to get triumph when showing the symbol of the efforts of the sailing competition and spirit of determination. The chief executive of Royal sailboat competition Eddie Warden Owen said: “everyone has a chance to win and this is the most important, everyone thought that professional level of large ship took advantage, however, the event in 2013 fully proves the charm of the Rolex Fastnet Race, and they are gathered in this, because they know they have a chance to win, and this is also the appeal of the event.”

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