Treasure Techniques in Patek Philippe 175 Limited Edition Watches

When we mention the Patek Philippe watches, we surely need to talk about the Patek Philippe 175 Limited Edition Watch for its outstanding workmanship.
Engraving requires graver, graving needle, chisel and other sharp tools. This might be considered the oldest decoration techniques that build countless watches. Those tools in masters’ hands will build a case into an art work, with vivid profile, graceful relief, to be its best form. The most common engraving techniques are line engraving, light relief, and rilievo. There was 200 registered engravers in 1789 alone, but now that number has greatly reduced to a bakers’ dozen, roughly.
This term includes many traditional crafts, and Patek Philippe still applies those traditional skills into its latest watches. The most complicated enamel is the miniature painting on enamel, the world-renown Geneva tradition skill. It needs to put a big painting to reduce to a watch size according to its proportion, and then technicians will use thinnest brush to make paints on the surface of watch. The watches with paintings on will be burnt. The whole process will take several months to finish. Cloisonne enamel can bring brightest decoration. Champlev�� enamel needs to put the engraved patterns on metal and then put enamel composite on the pattern and burn in at 800 degrees. Patek Philippe highlights its Paillonn�� enamel, which brings slim golden paillons into the enamel, and brushes it with a layer of enamel to protect it from oxidation.
High-end Gem-setting

Jewelry skills includes the gem setting which Patek Philippe masters it. Workshop in Geneva can makes various watches with beautiful gem-setting, including jewelry setting, net-free setting, Bezel setting and hidden setting which is the top skill among all setting skills and is mastered by only experienced technicians. According to Patek Philippe standards, gem-setting must be in accord with the strictest and top gem-setting standard.

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